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Keysight After School Program

Keysight After School is a hands-on science program for children between the ages of 9 and 13 years in communities where Keysight Technologies has a presence. Keysight After School features 23 different hands-on life, physical and earth-science experiments designed as complete "programs-in-a-box."

Newton's car science kitKeysight After School science kits contain all the materials for children to build science experiments, including electronic-circuit games, balloon-powered cars, clean water engineering and more. Keysight employee volunteers are provided all the tools and materials to lead students through the various science experiments. More information about the kits can be found at the Youth Exploration in Science website.

After completing their experiments, Keysight After School participants are encouraged to take their finished project with them. This provides an opportunity for the children to continue learning the concept, share the project with family and friends, or show it to their teachers.

This program supplements in-school science lessons and supports most international, federal and state science standards. Keysight After School can be implemented in a school setting, or in non-traditional venues such as community centers, museums, hospitals or non-governmental organizations.

Keysight After School is fully funded by Keysight and implemented by its employees, and is provided at no cost to the host organization or participating children in the many worldwide locations where Keysight does business.

To learn more about Keysight After School and how it might be implemented in your community, contact contact