Environmental Background Information

Keysight aims to minimize environmental impact of products and operations. We design our products for high reliability - this gives our customers the opportunity to maximise use for as long as needed. Customers can also benefit from our product upgrade programs to acquire new functions not previously available. But there is much more behind the manufactured Keysight product to help protect our environment now and into the future:

  • Careful choice and use of materials by design for environment
  • Bans or restrictions to minimize use of hazardous material
  • Efficient power supply designs to reduce power consumption
  • Product refurbishment programs to reduce material use

These aspects are part of the Keysight sustainability goals for design, manufacture and product use. For end of life, when any of our products is no longer of use to customers, we refurbish or reuse the products and recycle remaining materials by contracted service providers.

Our principles are: Reduce, Reuse or Recycle