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Experience the Keysight Advantage

  • Respect for laws, workers, and the environment
  • Company-wide environmental, health, and safety management system registered to ISO 14001
  • Commitment to ethical business practices and good corporate social responsibility
  • Strong efforts to enable our people to work free from injury and illness
  • Environmentally responsible actions related to operations, products, and services
  • Minimal environmental impact of packaging
  • Public access to documented Keysight efforts in support of product regulatory affairs
Ensure our products comply with applicable safety and regulatory requirements

Keysight strives to ensure our products comply with applicable safety and regulatory requirements around the globe. These goals stem from our respect for laws, workers, and the environment.

  • ISO 14001 and Environment, Health and Safety Management System: Keysight operates under a company-wide environmental, health, and safety management system registered to ISO 14001.
  • Human Rights and Labor Policy: Keysight acknowledges and respects the fundamental principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Keysight's core values and culture reflect a commitment to ethical business practices and good corporate social responsibility. Our policies and practices require Keysight to conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and to promote human rights within the company's sphere of influence.
  • Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Policy: Keysight is committed to health and safety practices and work environments that enable our people to work free from injury and illness.

Fostering environmental sustainability

Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Policy includes a commitment to ensuring that our products and operations comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations. In addition, we utilize tools such as the General Specification for the Environment and our Design for the Environment Guidelines to help minimize the environmental impact of product packaging.

Our efforts in support of product regulatory affairs are documented online and made available to the public:

  • ISO certification details: Our ISO certification continues to mature and expand as demonstrated by a single, worldwide ISO 9001 certificate.
  • Declarations of Conformity (DoC): An online database makes available multiple documents, searchable by part numbers and descriptions.
  • Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS): Keysight publishes MSDSs to inform about proper handling, storing, and shipping of our chemicals.

Read more about Keysight's Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • Organizational bias toward conservative product specifications
  • Adherence to specs from product design going forward
  • Quick access to key support resources
  • Same automated performance and adjustment software as used by Keysight
Ensure products meet or exceed published specifications

Keysight maintains both a conservative approach and an organizational bias toward documenting product specifications.

Rigid adherence to specifications begins with product design. These are just some of the processes we use to design quality into our products:

  • Peer review: The process where a design engineer reviews his/her design (e.g. a microcircuit or printed circuit assembly) with a group of expert engineers to ask probing questions, get second opinions, and validate the specifications of the design.
  • Margin and abuse testing: Environmental testing of proto/pilot units at the extreme limits of the specifications (or sometimes beyond) to uncover weaknesses and limits of the design that might lead to specification variances.
  • Accelerated life testing and high temperature operating life: Subject an assembly or component to elevated stress levels (typically temperature) to accelerate the age of the Device Under Test (DUT) so that long-term specification variances can be discovered and addressed through design modification.
  • Design of experiments (DOE): Advanced statistical methods to efficiently conduct engineering experiments to quantify the impact of multiple variables on some attribute of interest (e.g. how do temperature, dwell time, and force affect certain specifications).

Keysight provides quick access to key support resources for ensuring your equipment adheres to product specifications over time. Resources include service notes, Keysight parts and manuals for repairs, e-mail updates, and access to our team of experts. Additionally, N7800A Calibration and Adjustment Software allows you to increase your productivity by using the same automated performance and adjustment software used in Keysight Service Centers.

Through these processes and more, we meet the highest standards to ensure our products perform as we say they will, with no surprises, from initial purchase, through the life of the equipment.

  • Support of over 165 measurement standards, including LTE, WiMAX™, HDMI, USB, DTV, and more
  • ISO certified since 2000
  • One ISO 9001 certificate covering all of Keysight Technologies worldwide, including sales, support, service, R&D, and manufacturing
  • Dedicated internal team of externally certified auditors
  • Business Management System manual available for review
Improve management effectiveness to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

The definition of quality can be subjective, often determined by the customer's unique viewpoint. Nevertheless, objective standards of quality contribute quantifiable benchmarks, such as ISO 9001.

According to Keysight's Quality Policy, the company will maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our product and service business management systems to conform to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard or more stringent, or legally required standards, as dictated by specific markets.

With the support of both internal and external auditing teams, our ISO certification continues to mature and expand as demonstrated by a single, worldwide ISO 9001 certificate.

  • ISO 9001 Certified since 2000, covering sales, support, service, R&D, and manufacturing worldwide
  • A dedicated internal team of externally-certified auditors
  • DEKRA-approved and supervised self-audit program
  • Advanced surveillance recertification procedures (IAF MD 3:2008)
  • Registrations for ISO 9001:2015 (certified), ISO 17025 (accredited), and ISO 14001 (certified)
  • Review our Business Management System manual

  • Expertise on hand throughout the equipment lifecycle
  • Over 200 Keysight application specialists
  • Rich repository of on-line technical support information
  • Products designed for long and reliable product life
  • Single worldwide tool and team to quickly resolve outstanding issues
  • Generous hardware support policy
  • Companywide emphasis on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Capable Contact Center personnel to resolve inquiries and requests
  • World-class Technical Support team with superior depth and breadth of knowledge
Continually monitor and improve our customers' total experience

Keysight monitors the experience of our customers to enable continuous improvement through well-defined processes and everyday practices:

  • Industry-recognized experts on hand throughout the equipment lifecycle to help you make the best decision, from choosing the right solution to transitioning to the next solution
  • Over 200 Keysight application specialists working directly with you to solve measurement problems
  • Rich repository of on-line technical support information to answer questions about instrument use, isolate problems, and gain knowledge about how to make measurements
  • Reliable long-lasting products, beginning with robust designs and built-in dependability, that extends throughout the supply chain
  • Customer Issue Resolution process, with 95% of all escalations resolved within five business days
  • Generous hardware support policy, including early notification of product discontinuance, plus ongoing access to repair and calibration services
  • Companywide focus on total cost of ownership to achieve the ultimate determinant of customer experience: excellent value

For many Keysight customers, the "voice" of their total experience is a member of one of our call center teams. Your first interaction might be with someone from our Contact Center team, professional and responsive, speaking local languages, and ready to resolve inquiries and requests with minimal or no transfers. You may work with one of our Technical Support team members, world-class test and measurement experts providing superior depth and breadth of experience in industry technology, applications, and standards. These are your advocates.

You measure our success, which is why we never stop asking "how are we doing?" through customer satisfaction surveys. The results show impressive improvement, but our efforts to provide a better total experience never stop.

  • High expectation of suppliers, partners, and contractors
  • Must demonstrate commitment to ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable practices
  • Clearly defined and communicated supplier expectations and performance feedback
  • Respect for Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) and Internationals Labor Organizations (ILO) principles
  • Supplier relationships that start strong and grow stronger
Hold suppliers, partners, and contractors accountable to established quality requirements

Our suppliers, partners, and contractors represent an extension of the products and services we provide, so we expect them to uphold the same standards of quality that we expect of ourselves. Suppliers must demonstrate common sense, good judgment, and a strong commitment to conduct business in an ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable manner.

Keysight carefully chooses suppliers based upon stringent and defined criteria, and then works closely with those suppliers to ensure quality.

Supplier expectations and performance feedback are driven by TQRDCE, representing Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery, Cost, and Environmental and Social Responsibility. Through clear expectations, Keysight strives to maximize customer satisfaction and responsiveness to change and to provide a framework for effective communication.

Our suppliers must adhere to environmental and social responsibility principles that are similar to those valued by Keysight. In 2004, Keysight developed the Keysight Supplier Code of Conduct, which requires suppliers to adopt sound environmental, health, and safety management practices and incorporates eight International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions identified as fundamental to the rights of human beings at work. Keysight has programs in place to monitor our suppliers' conformance with the Code of Conduct.

  • Standards of Business Conduct apply to employees and partners
  • Expectations of ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable practices
  • Protecting customer privacy and complying with privacy laws worldwide
  • Keeping customers informed and providing choice for use of personal information
  • No selling, renting, or leasing of personal information
  • Rigorous processes to keep information accurate and secure
Treat customers according to Keysight's Standards of Business Conduct and privacy policies

Keysight is committed to treating customers in accordance with the company's Standards of Business Conduct and Privacy policies.


Keysight greatly values its reputation for ethical behavior, honesty, and fair dealing. Upholding that reputation is the responsibility of every Keysight employee as documented in Keysight's Standards of Business Conduct, which include but are not limited to:

  • Avoiding even the appearance of a conflict of interest
  • Careful and appropriate handling of information entrusted to our care by our clients
  • Supporting an open marketplace, where prices, goods, and services move freely to bring about the greatest value for customers
  • Fair and responsible dealings with suppliers, partners, and contractors


We give the highest priority to protecting your privacy and complying with privacy laws around the globe. Our goal is to treat your personal data in a lawful and honest fashion.

Notice and choice

  • Keysight uses personal information to better understand needs and provide service
  • We will not use or share information without first notifying you
  • You may opt-in or opt-out
  • Onward Transfer: Keysight does not sell, rent, or lease your personal information

Access and accuracy

  • We strive to keep information accurate
  • To access your information, go to, or contact your nearest Keysight call center for assistance


  • Physical, electronic, and organizational measures are used to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of information
  • We comply with the EU Safe Harbor Framework and are a licensee of the TRUSTe Web privacy seal program
  • We employ encryption-protected secure socket layer (SSL) technology

For more information about data privacy, go to

Superior Reliability and Support Coverage

Keysight's customers know that our products and solutions are high in quality, with low failure rates. In addition to warranty standard on all instruments worldwide, Keysight offers a range of support products to meet customer requirements during the life of the instrument. The combination of reliability and support coverage brings key benefits including increased confidence in instrument uptime, reduced cost of ownership, and greater convenience if service is ever required.

With Keysight's warranty and support coverage, you will:

  • Keep development on track
  • Keep systems running
  • Support of your business goals
  • Know that your instruments will be restored to full specified performance

Frost & Sullivan Awards Keysight 2012 Global Company of the Year and #1 Ranking in Global Test & Measurement Survey

Keysight has consistently dominated the global RF test equipment market through a combination of superior technological skills and strong customer relations across applications from R&D to manufacturing to the field. As a result, Keysight has been chosen as the recipient of the 2012 Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award in the Global RF Test Equipment Market. Frost & Sullivan also recognized Keysight with a #1 ranking in customer satisfaction as a result of its global test & measurement survey in which customers surveyed scored Keysight highest in every category, compared with some of the company's closest competitors. In the study, people who use test equipment in all aspects of the product lifecycle were asked probing questions regarding supplier and equipment innovation, value, performance, quality, customer service, and more. When the tallying was done, Keysight came out on top, demonstrating the company's successful commitment to quality, innovation, and providing products and services that are the true measure of quality.

Keysight Drives T&M Product Failure Rates Down 50%

Keysight's commitment to delivering reliable, long-lasting products to the marketplace is demonstrated by our continuing trend of product quality improvements. Over the past six years, Keysight's test & measurement product failure rates have been reduced nearly 50%!

Keysight designs and builds reliable technology into its products for years of trouble-free operation. It begins with robust designs at the start of the product lifecycle and extends throughout the supply chain. Skilled quality and reliability professionals ensure products are designed for reliability.

If problems occur, our customer response team mobilizes to identify, diagnose and resolve them utilizing a formal, executive-sponsored, Customer Issue Resolution (CIR) process. Our CIR process includes you and ensures your issue is resolved or contained within 5 business days.

Blind Study Ranks Keysight's T&M Product Categories Highest in Quality

There are many reasons why customers develop a preference for one brand over another. Customers have come to recognize Keysight Technologies as a company that provides products, service and interaction experiences of the highest quality and value. In an independent, blind survey conducted worldwide in 2011, customers who purchased radio frequency and microwave products from Keysight Technologies rated Keysight statistically higher in product quality than customers who purchased from other key competitors and rated their respective products.

Product categories with statistically higher quality ratings than Keysight's closest competitor include:

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