Why Buy Keysight

Why Buy Keysight

Guiding you to the right solution

Take a 360 degree tour of your purchase decision

There's a big difference between a product's price and its value. If you're only looking at the initial purchase price, then you're not making an informed decision!

  • It's time to look beyond initial purchase price to account for Total Cost of Ownership over the complete instrument lifecycle
  • It's time to look beyond the specs of a product and recognize broader value attributes that distinguish a product as the best long-term solution
  • It's time to get the most for your money by making a well informed decision

Learn more about the additional value our products provide so that you can make a fully-informed, 360 degree purchase decision.

Choosing the Right Solution

Choosing the right measurement equipment is essential and that choice has implications lasting years. Keysight's breadth and depth of product and service offerings, technical expertise, and history of trust and integrity provides you with industry-leading options and solutions.

Keysight's 70 year history  Keysight's Total Cost of Ownership  Keysight's Advantage Services  Keysight's Emvironmenta Sustainability  Keysight's Customer Satisfaction Survey  Keysight's Infoline  Keysight's Premium Used Equipment  Keysight's Premium Trade-in Program  Keysight's BMS  Keysight's Data Privacy  Keysight's Instrument Security

Getting Up and Running

After choosing your measurement equipment, getting up and running quickly and effectively is critical to the success of your business. Keysight's supply chain, technical and customer service experts ensure this happens.


Maximizing Value Over Years of Use

Once your purchase is complete and your measurement equipment is operational, making sure that investment delivers value over time is fundamentally important to any business's success.

Keysight's portfolio of highly reliable and long-lasting products, extended calibration intervals, and application specialists ensures minimal downtime and maintenance costs over the lifetime of your investment (total cost of ownership).


Refreshing the Technology

When test equipment reaches the end of its useful lifespan, many obstacles may block migration to newer technology. Technology refresh can be an expensive journey if not managed appropriately.

Keysight offers a clear pathway, uncluttered with obstacles, from your current system to its replacement. Technology refresh experts can help you smoothly refresh your technology while minimizing unnecessary expenditures.


Why is Keysight your Best Choice

Taking a broader view of what needs to be considered when choosing test equipment and making the best choice of a vendor or partner is very important. Purchasers evaluating alternatives in test equipment instinctively jump to comparisons of one product versus another (features, functions and performance) that directly influence how well a product meets your needs.

Exclusively relying upon product-by-product comparison can be risky however. Test equipment has a long lifespan, and throughout that life, will significantly influence people and processes. We suggest that making the best choice of a vendor [or partner] and test equipment must be made more broadly, by examining the complete lifecycle (purchase-to-disposal) of not only the actual product, but also the additional value provided by your partner of choice - Keysight.

The brochures below specifically highlight the additional value Keysight provides beyond the product or service initially purchased.

                    Keysight's Premium Used Equipment  Keysight's Premium Trade-in Program                   

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