Keysight E9986E In-Line 4-Module In-Circuit Test System i367x Series 5i

  1. Introduction
  2. Large Printed Circuit Board Testing Challenges
  3. The E9986E Series 5i can solve large board testing requirements
  4. Key Features and Business Benefits
  5. Additional Information
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Due to market demand, most automated test equipment manufacturers’ equipment handle typically small to mid-size (< 15” x 15”) boards.

To address the growing market demand for larger board capacity the Keysight E9986E In-Line 4-Module In-Circuit Test System i367x Series 5i offers the largest board handling capacity (28” x 24”) in the market, for testing large and heavy printed circuit boards.

Large Printed Circuit Board Testing Challenges

Large printed circuit boards are costly to manufacture. They are usually handled manually by an operator. Manual handling may induce stress to the printed circuit boards though miss-handling. These stresses are not easily detected in the manufacturing process, which could lead to premature failure in the field, driving warranty costs up.

More customers are requiring large board testing and need fully automated manufacturing lines to improve product quality and increase productivity.

The E9986E Series 5i can solve large board testing requirements

The Keysight E9986E, the newest member of the i3070 Series 5i Inline ICT can be easily integrated into any fully automated manufacturing line. It is flexible in handling a wide range of board sizes and can be scaled to match the number of nodes required.

Key Features and Business Benefits
  • Reduced cost with re-usable test fixtures from Inline ICT system to Offline ICT system
  • Easy maintenance with an innovative design offering front panel access and fixture changes
  • Simplified system support offering a single point of contact for the automated ICT solution
  • Broad application availability with a comprehensive in-system suite of boundary scan tools
  • Award-winning full suite of Keysight ICT solutions that include intelligent fixture identification, board orientation detection and test plan revision controls
  • Better capital investment utilization, reducing cost and operator training, since the i3070 Series 5i is fully backward compatible with existing 3070 and i3070 test programs.
Additional Information

The Keysight E9986E retains the popular and proprietary Keysight short-wire fixturing technology used in the current Keysight 3070 and i3070 systems. Short wire fixture technology eliminates problems commonly found with long wire fixturing, such as noise and deterioration of test stability. This allows for transportable, repeatable and stable tests on the i3070 Series 5i, even if tests are deployed across global manufacturing sites.

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