Keysight 5G mmWave Non-signaling Transceiver Solution

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The Keysight 5G mmWave non-signaling transceiver test solution validates multiple devices over the air quickly and repeatably. The compact, automated solution supports 28GHz and 39 GHz and uses reliable Keysight measurement science to accelerate 5G device validation and reduce cost of mmWave test.

Customer problem

Design and test at mmWave frequencies presents new challenges. Direct connections (like those used for testing devices today) do not provide an accurate representation of real-world conditions. Over-the-air (OTA) testing is required to validate devices with integrated mmWave antennas and ensure acceptance of designs. OTA testing can be expensive and time consuming, especially with the number of mmWave bands each design is expected to support.

Accurate and repeatable measurements are more challenging when performed over the air. To accurately validate broadband device performance, some measurements may need to be performed at intermediate frequencies (IF) in addition to RF.

To successfully scale mmWave device production cost effectively, lower cost mmWave design validation test solutions that support parallel test techniques are required.

How does Keysight solution solve this problem

Keysight has developed a simple solution to address these challenges. Multiple devices can be validated across multiple mmWave bands over the air using a compact solution employing familiar Keysight waveforms and measurements. Automation based on a universal Keysight platform provides chipset control and fast, reliable test results. A non-signaling test approach further speeds device validation. This 5G mmWave test solution accelerates device validation and reduces cost of test.

Figure 1: 5G mmWave non-signaling solution

Figure 2: EVM measurements

Figure 3: PAvT measurements

Key Features and Business Benefits
  • Accelerate 5G design by validating multiple devices at IF and RF with a compact, integrated wideband source and receiver
  • Extend device validation to multiple mmWave bands with a tunable, bi-directional mmWave transceiver
  • Reduce cost of test with fast, automated, non-signaling measurements based on familiar Keysight platforms
Additional Information

The Keysight 5G mmWave non-signaling test solution accelerates 5G device validation. A wideband transceiver provides access to IF and serves as the foundation for a flexible mmWave test solution. Test up to three device transmitters and receivers simultaneously with multiple RF and IF ports. The addition of one mmWave transceiver provides tunable access to the 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands defined by 3GPP. Add a chamber for testing over the air.

Validate device performance reliably using familiar Keysight waveforms and measurements. Flexibly create signals for custom and standards-based waveforms with Keysight Signal Studio software for 5G TF and 5G NR. Repeatably analyze device transmitters with Keysight X-Series Measurement applications for vector modulation analysis and 5G NR. Quickly validate RF performance with error vector magnitude (EVM), adjacent channel power (ACP), spectrum emission mask (SEM), power and occupied bandwidth (OBW) measurements along with IQ and spectrum analysis.

Test devices faster with automation based on the Keysight TAP platform providing powerful, flexible and extensible test sequence and test plan creation and optimizing software development and test performance. For faster characterization of mmWave antennas, Keysight has developed a measurement that captures and analyzes phase and amplitude components simultaneously (PAvT). Save even more time by testing without signaling.

With an OTA chamber, the solution provides a complete measurement environment for validating mmWave devices with integrated components and antennas. Performing typical OTA measurements such as total radiated power (TRP) and equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP) along with more typical RF measurements like EVM, power and ACP ensure mmWave devices are behaving as expected when used by consumers

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