Keysight Infiniium UXR-Series Real-Time Oscilloscopes


September 18, 2018

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The Keysight Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscopes set a new standard for real-time oscilloscope accuracy, with models ranging from 13 to 110 GHz. Extreme signal integrity, 10-bits of vertical resolution and ultra-low noise floor specifications allow for the truest representation of signals. The UXR-Series provides a platform with upgradability from two to four channels and across all bandwidths from 13 to 110 GHz. Customers can invest with confidence today, knowing they have the ability to meet the needs of technology advancements tomorrow.

Customer Problem

Whether transmitting at gigahertz or terahertz, there is an insatiable demand for more and faster data throughput.

In high speed digital transmission, test margins are decreasing as new generations of legacy technologies become the standard. Design cycles are shorter and compliance is more difficult to test and pass as the limits of existing technology are reached. Eye diagrams that were once so wide, where only set up and rise times were needed to pass specification, are now closed. This requires not only strict mask test validation, but pre- and post-channel equalization. Millivolts of noise can make the difference between passing or failing compliance. The cost of failing compliance, because of excessive oscilloscope noise or jitter influencing the results, can be significant and cause designers to miss a critical market window or being first to market. The ability to quickly test in-house is critical to avoiding late design revisions, staying ahead of the competition, and remaining at the cutting edge of high-speed digital design.

In terabit and optical research, achieving next-generation technology breakthroughs can be difficult with limited test equipment to verify designs. Reaching higher modulation standards requires measurement systems that offer extreme signal integrity, high bandwidth, and multiple channels to decipher complete coherent receiver designs. Additionally, inter-channel jitter between daisy chained measurement devices can impede the ability to view signals clearly. Vertical noise and jitter can mask crucial details at terabit speeds.

How does Keysight solution solve this problem?

The Keysight Infiniium UXR-Series real-time 13 to 110 GHz oscilloscopes raise the bar in measurement accuracy and signal integrity. Measurement system noise as low as 210 V (rms) at 10 mV/div, 25 fs (rms) of intrinsic jitter, and 4 times the vertical resolution with a 10-bit analog to digital converter, results in up to 6.8 effective number of bits (ENOB), which enable higher compliance margins. Up to four full-bandwidth channels in a single instrument with 25 fs (rms) of intrinsic jitter and less than 10 fs of additional inter-channel intrinsic jitter reduce synchronization errors, providing accurate timing and skew measurements.

Key Features and Business Benefits
  • Fully upgradable with bandwidth models from 13 to 110 GHz of real-time analog bandwidth
  • 2- and 4-channel models with unrestricted full-analog bandwidth
  • 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for unrivaled vertical resolution
  • Superior effective number of bit (ENOB) performance
  • Up to 256 GSa/s sampling rate for accurate reconstruction of high-speed signals
  • Keysight Indium Phosphide ASIC technology enables the lowest noise and highest signal integrity through full bandwidth time-interleaved sampling (TIS)
  • Test to the exact specifications of each technology standard with a full suite of Infiniium compliance applications supported


Additional Information/Images
UXR0134A, UXR oscilloscope, real-time oscilloscope, high bandwidth oscilloscope

UXR0134A Infiniium UXR-Series 13 GHz, 4 channel oscilloscope

UXR0704A, UXR oscilloscope, real-time oscilloscope, high bandwidth oscilloscope

UXR0704A Infiniium UXR-Series 70 GHz, 4 channel oscilloscope

UXR1104A, UXR oscilloscope, real-time oscilloscope, high bandwidth oscilloscope, 32 QAM, optical signal analysis

UXR1104A Infiniium UXR-Series 110 GHz, 4 channel oscilloscope

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