Keysight Technologies' New Tutorial Videos Help RF Engineers Increase Design Productivity by Tenfold



Nine tutorial videos, each less than 10 minutes in length, are now available from Keysight EEsof EDA. The videos show RF engineers how to design challenging RF and microwave components and how to perform complex frequency planning tasks using Genesys RF simulation software.

The videos prepare engineers to start designing RF components, such as active/passive filters, mixers, oscillators, couplers, splitters, attenuators, combiners, phase-locked loops, transmission lines, as well as perform RF system frequency planning.

By deploying precision RF circuit and system synthesis algorithms, engineers are guided through the design process. Beginning with a blank schematic to working RF topologies with automatically calculated component values, RF engineers can routinely complete their design tasks at least 10 times faster than manual calculations. This method also avoids choosing unsuitable starting topologies and brute force optimization.


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