Keysight Technologies Announces "5G Coexistence in a 3G/4G/Satellite World" Tutorial



Keysight's new "Coexistence in a 3G/4G/Satellite World" tutorial discusses how engineers can use a flexible testbed to evaluate many potential co-existence scenarios for 5G, wireless and radar applications. This includes 1) using a 5G candidate waveform Filter Band Multicarrier (FBMC) co-existence with a 4G LTE waveform scenario; 2) multiple 5G candidate waveforms scenario; and 3) LTE and S-Band radar co-existence scenario.

Keysight's 5G solutions are ready to enable deeper insights, especially as the standard evolves. In design and test, Keysight's solutions support innovation across new and existing technologies and allows engineers to transform ideas into reality. Keysight's new tutorial was created to help companies take the lead as they strive to be first to market with their 5G designs.


Available today.


The 5G coexistence tutorial is available at Registration is required.


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