Keysight Technologies' New Radar/EW Video Series Demonstrate Latest Measurement, Analysis Techniques



Keysight is now offering four online videos that demonstrate the radar and electronic warfare (EW) measurement and analysis capabilities of the N9040B UXA signal analyzer with the latest N9067C pulse measurement and RTSA application enhancements.

The N9067C software allows users to use gated acquisition (e.g., segmented capture) as well as other advanced features, such as pulse filtering and scatter plots. To support evolving electronic warfare techniques, Keysight’s RTSA options provide a duplex IF capability to analyze narrow frequency domain effects while capturing wideband signals for time-domain analysis. These combined features allow the modern EW engineer to design and validate new EW techniques.

The video series consists of the following:

  • Pulse analysis with N9040B UXA for electronic warfare
  • Dual domain analysis for electronic warfare applications using RTSA
  • Statistical trends and scatter plots for pulse analysis with N9040B
  • Long capture techniques for pulse analysis with N9040B UXA


Available today


N9040B UXA for radar/EW videos are available at


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