Agilent Technologies U1450A/60A Series handheld insulation resistance testers, U1451A, U1452A, U1452AT, U1453A, U1461A, preventive maintenance


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The U1450A/60A Series insulation resistance testers measure insulation resistance for motors, generators, transformers and cables. All models are certified to IP 67, making them water proof, dust proof and drop proof up to 10 feet (3 meters).

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The U1461A is a two-in-one insulation tester model with a 4.5 digit full-featured digital multimeter.

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By attaching the new U1117A infrared-to-Bluetooth® adapter to Agilent handheld meters, engineers can remotely view and log test measurement from the new U1115A remote logging display (100 meters), iOS/Android smart devices or on a Windows PC.

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The remote link solution comes with complimentary software applications, the Agilent Mobile Meter and Agilent Mobile Logger for both iOS and Android smart devices.

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With the remote link solution, data logging and monitoring activities can also be performed on a Windows PC with the Agilent Handheld Meter Logger software.

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