Keysight Technologies Introduces Electrical Performance and Characterization Test Software to Streamline eDP 1.4 Testing


SANTA ROSA, Calif., Nov. 25, 2014

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today introduced test support for the eDP 1.4 (embedded DisplayPort) specification. Keysight N6469A eDP 1.4 electrical performance and characterization test software allows developers using eDP technology to eliminate guesswork and streamline their testing by using application software specifically designed for their needs.

The Keysight eDP 1.4 software eliminates the need to tailor a test process for eDP designs. The software offers a flexible approach that all companies and sites participating in the eDP ecosystem can use to evaluate device performance and share test process information consistently across design and validation stages.

The test software operates on Keysight's 90000 X-, 90000 Q- and Z-Series Infiniium real-time oscilloscopes with bandwidths of 13 GHz and higher. Access to the test signals through an eDP test fixture is required.

"Adopted by almost every new laptop computer maker, embedded DisplayPort is one of VESA's most widely implemented standards," said VESA Board of Directors Chair Alan Kobayashi, fellow and executive R&D manager for Smart Connectivity Group at MegaChips Technology America. "We welcome Keysight's new product offering, which will enrich the universe of eDP design, validation and test resources. VESA is continually evaluating and enhancing its standards with new features and capabilities. Companies like Keysight enable the engineering ecosystem to keep pace with the rapid technical evolution of our standards."

Keysight eDP1.4 test solution features include:

  • A full suite of tests leveraged from the DisplayPort 1.2b compliance test specification
  • Ability to select bit rates and nominal values for level and pre-emphasis as well as the number of settings for each
  • Ability to create test limits for each test according to design needs
  • Ability to create a test plan that includes selecting the device states for specific tests
  • Template-driven test capability for better productivity in repeatedly testing a given device type, or to share with others for identical tests
  • Ability to deviate from a given template to suit specific debugging needs

Engineers can create 20-, 30-, 40- or 50-pin eDP implementations using the IPEX connector system. Fixtures are available from Wilder Technologies and LUXSHARE ICT.

Additional Information

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U.S. Pricing and Availability

The N6469A eDP 1.4 electrical performance and characterization test software is available now and is priced at $8,000.

Keysight's Digital Test Standards Program

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