Keysight Technologies Expands its AXIe Wideband Digital Receivers' On-Board, Real-Time, Signal Processing Capability


Enhanced Signal Processing with Extended Control Capability Helps Engineers Design Complex Systems


  • Large Xilinx FPGA for enhanced real-time custom processing capability and implementation of more complex algorithms
  • Up to 192 programmable front-panel IOs with 200 ns fixed low latency for real-time immediate control of the surrounding systems
  • Large 16 GB onboard memory configuration for faster data throughput

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Oct. 14, 2015

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today introduced an enhanced signal processing configuration for its M9703B 12-bit AXIe high-speed digitizer/wideband digital receiver. System architects and engineers can use this new bundle option, which is ideal for OEM and aerospace & defense applications, as a component of a larger system requiring extensive FPGA capabilities and a high number of customizable real-time IO interfaces.

The M9703B-B01 bundle comes pre-configured with the following available options:

  • 1 GS/s sampling rate (-SR1)
  • Input frequency DC to 650 MHz (-F05)
  • Large FPGA (-SX3)
  • Large acquisition memory (-M16)
  • Triggered simultaneous acquisition and readout (-TSR)
  • Custom firmware capability (-FDK)
  • New IO-EXT interposer mezzanine providing a total of 192 input/output (I/Os)

The U5340A FPGA Development Kit, a standalone software package, allows system architects and engineers to implement their own complex algorithm on-board the M9703B high-speed digitizer as well as to address the I/O to monitor and control their OEM system.

"Thanks to an unprecedented combination of 192 digital I/Os, eight high-speed, 12-bit analog input channels and a scalable open FPGA architecture, the new M9703B-B01 product provides the most versatile and customizable AXIe digitizer platform solution in a compact 1U form factor," said Pierre-François Maistre, Keysight Communication Measurement Solutions R&D project manager. "By providing wideband solutions that support advanced signal capture, Keysight aims to address more complex challenges in a large variety of aerospace & defense applications that require the treatment of a high amount of data and the control of very large systems."

Price and Availability

The new B01 bundle option is available now for the M9703B AXIe 12-bit high-speed digitizer/wideband digital receiver. Please contact for more information.

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