Material Declaration Overview


Keysight Technologies, Inc. requires hazardous and restricted material composition data for the purchased materials used in Keysight's electrical and electronic products, including parts procured on Keysight's behalf by third parties, such as contract manufacturers, distributors, and third-party logistics suppliers.

To meet the various requirements of our customers and product chemical content restrictions imposed by numerous country laws and regulations, Keysight must maintain material composition data on hazardous substances.

Keysight requests data about regulated hazardous substance content of materials in order to trade in legal compliance worldwide - we do not ask suppliers about other, non-regulated substances. Keysight's General Specification for the Environment (GSE) consolidates all material restrictions into one document, which covers environmental laws in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Keysight's Materials Declaration Requirements sets forth materials and substances that must be reported to Keysight on a general basis. It not only includes a list of banned substances, but also defines the process for completing the report and returning the information to Keysight.

Receiving an EU RoHS Material Declaration Request

If your company receives a material declaration request from Keysight, please cooperate with the request when it is received, regardless of whether your sales are direct to Keysight or exclusively to third parties. The request will include the form to be filled out. Accurate RoHS exemption information is important, and applicable exemptions are listed in the form. Note that Keysight products are considered Category 9 industrial monitoring and control instruments, which allows for applications exempted from the substance restrictions in both Annex III and Annex IV.

Full Materials Declaration

Keysight prefers that its suppliers provide Full Materials Declaration (FMD) data in a completed Compliance Connect form. This allows Keysight to avoid frequent data collection as RoHS-type regulations change or as substances are added to REACH regulations. Ask your Keysight contact for a copy of the form.

Product Compliance to Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010

Keysight suppliers shall take reasonable measures to provide products, parts, components and materials supplied to Keysight that are "DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) conflict free" as the term used under section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (The Frank-Dodd Act) Keysight asks that all suppliers when requested complete an EICC-GeSi form.

Contact Information

For questions about Keysight's restricted substances compliance and reporting expectations for suppliers, please ask your Keysight contact to refer you to a product environmental compliance expert for their business unit.

Information for Keysight's Direct Material Suppliers