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Keysight Transition Resources

As a Keysight Customer, Partner, Supplier, or US Government Agency , you probably have questions regarding our transition to Keysight from Agilent EMG. On August 1, 2014, Keysight became an operationally independent subsidiary of Agilent, with full separation of the companies occurring in November 2014. We assure you that you and your electronic measurement needs remain our highest focus. We are committed to providing a seamless transition and continuing to deliver the excellent service you expect and deserve.

    US Government

  • Novation in accordance with FAR Part 42.12. GSA is the cognizant agency.
  • Shipments, services, or invoices completed after Aug 1 are fulfilled by Keysight
  • Price justifications obtained for Agilent's Electronic Measurement Group are valid for Keysight
  • FAQs - answers to commonly asked questions about orders, licensing, service and support and other key topics
  • Business continuity for customers
  • Mixed brand shipments (Keysight or Agilent)