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Keysight contributes measurement expertise, products and financial support to academic research in our fields of endeavor. Our connections with the academic research community build enduring partnerships with thought leaders, educate the next generation of employees and customers, inform our development efforts, and result in publications that define important applications of measurement technologies.

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Most Cited Journal References from Research Collaboration

Title: 26 Tbit s(-1) line-rate super-channel transmission utilizing all-optical fast Fourier transform processing
Author(s): Hillerkuss, D.; Schmogrow, R.; Schellinger, T.; et al.
Source: NATURE PHOTONICS Volume: 5 Issue: 6 Pages: 364-371 Published: JUN 2011

Title: Wireless sub-THz communication system with high data rate
Author(s): Koenig, S.; Lopez-Diaz, D.; Antes, J.; et al.
Source: NATURE PHOTONICS Volume: 7 Issue: 12 Pages: 977-981 Published: DEC 2013

Title: Error Vector Magnitude as a Performance Measure for Advanced Modulation Formats
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Title: 100 Gbit/s hybrid optical fiber-wireless link in the W-band (75-110 GHz)
Author(s): Pang, Xiaodan; Caballero, Antonio; Dogadaev, Anton; et al.
Source: OPTICS EXPRESS Volume: 19 Issue: 25 Pages: 24944-24949 Published: DEC 5 2011

Title: Real-Time Software-Defined Multiformat Transmitter Generating 64QAM at 28 GBd
Author(s): Schmogrow, R.; Hillerkuss, D.; Dreschmann, M.; et al.
Source: IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS Volume: 22 Issue: 21 Pages: 1601-1603 Published:NOV 1 2010

Title: A 60-GHz 16QAM/8PSK/QPSK/BPSK Direct-Conversion Transceiver for IEEE802.15.3c
Author(s): Okada, Kenichi; Li, Ning; Matsushita, Kota; et al.
Source: IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS Volume: 46 Issue: 12 Special Issue: SI Pages: 2988-3004 Published: DEC 2011

Title: Wideband Millimeter-Wave Propagation Measurements and Channel Models for Future Wireless Communication System Design
Author(s): Rappaport, Theodore S.; MacCartney, George R., Jr.; Samimi, Mathew K.; et al.
Source: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 63 Issue: 9 Pages: 3029-3056 Published: SEP 2015

Title: A Novel Architecture of Delta-Sigma Modulator Enabling All-Digital Multiband Multistandard RF Transmitters Design
Author(s): Helaoui, Mohamed; Hatami, Safar; Negra, Renato; et al.
Source: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II-EXPRESS BRIEFS Volume: 55 Issue: 11 Pages: 1129-1133 Published: NOV 2008

Title: Ge-on-Si p-i-n Photodiodes With a 3-dB Bandwidth of 49 GHz
Author(s): Klinger, S.; Berroth, M.; Kaschel, M.; et al.
Source: IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS Volume: 21 Issue: 13 Pages: 920-922 Published: JUL 1 2009

Title: A Low Phase Noise Quadrature Injection Locked Frequency Synthesizer for MM-Wave Applications
Author(s): Musa, Ahmed; Murakami, Rui; Sato, Takahiro; et al.
Source: IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS Volume: 46 Issue: 11 Pages: 2635-2649 Published: NOV 2011

Research Partnerships with Keysight

Professional connections between faculty and Keysight research staff emerge in areas of overlapping interest. Such connections are helpful in generating research proposals of mutual benefit. Keysight awards university grants through internally driven initiatives aligned with our strategic research directions.

To help uncover areas of mutual interest, Keysight often arranges guest lectures when faculty are traveling near Keysight's research sites, particularly at our largest such sites, in Silicon Valley and Santa Rosa, CA. If such a lecture is of interest (and the faculty work in electronic or nano measurement hardware or software), please contact us at

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