Keysight Laboratories

Keysight Laboratories is the central applied research laboratory of Keysight Technologies, dedicated to providing breakthrough competitive advantages that result in market leadership and value for customers. Keysight Labs is the direct organizational descendant of the original HP Labs, which was formed by founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1966 to dedicate a portion of the company's R&D investment to a separate team of researchers whose forward-looking technology investigations would strengthen and broaden the company's offerings to drive business growth - a philosophy that continues in Keysight today.

Research Focus

Keysight Laboratories has a broad research portfolio, spanning the company's fields of interest as well as exploring new areas of opportunity. Current research themes include software, heterogeneous computing systems, human-computer interaction, wireless, ASICs, DSP, photonics, imaging, and modeling. Spanning a range from more basic research to advanced development, Labs' portfolio is centered on applied research that is focused on breakthroughs that enable superior measurement solutions.


Keysight Laboratories is based in Santa Clara, California, with major overseas sites in Beijing, China and Rotselaar, Belgium. Keysight Labs has additional sites in Denmark, Scotland, Austria, California, Washington, and Georgia. This geographical diversity allows direct interaction with customers, markets, universities, and research communities around the world.

Research Team

Keysight Laboratories is staffed by a team of world class researchers, including 4 IEEE Fellows and 2 Keysight Fellows. The research team has deep expertise across a broad range of technical disciplines, including RF & microwave, wireless, photonics, ASIC design, measurement science, distributed measurement systems and software. Labs researchers are active in the professional technical community, publishing in top peer-reviewed technical journals, presenting talks at conferences, contributing to standards bodies, and playing leadership roles in professional societies.

Technology Transfer

Keysight Laboratories' primary mode of contribution is the transfer of technology advances enabled by our research to Keysight's business R&D groups and advanced development centers for product development and commercialization. Closely coupled with these partner organizations, Labs seeks to execute fast, efficient technology transfers that maximize competitive advantages and provide our customers with market-leading solutions in a timely way. As a modern research laboratory, Keysight Labs employs not only traditional technology transfer processes to monetize our research results, we also perform concurrent research with customers when appropriate, occasionally taking new technologies all the way to commercialization.

Industrial Partnership and University Relations

Not only does Keysight Laboratories participate in numerous consortia, industrial partnerships, and standards bodies, but we are also active in sponsoring and mentoring university research, principally through Keysight's University Relations organization. The University Grants Program not only provides funding and equipment for cutting-edge research, but it also establishes valuable links between Keysight, professors, and students, some of whom become Keysight employees. Keysight Technologies also participates in some government-funded research projects in areas well aligned with our future technology interests. Overall, external industrial and university interactions give Keysight an important view of the latest technology and market developments.